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Melty Heart

of a pumpkin Hey there! My name is Courtney and I was born November 16, 1990. I love clothes, makeup, and friends! My style is influenced by gyaru and the kawaii culture. Please feel free to talk to me or send a cute message and I'll send one back! <3

Are you posting bash posts on CGL about the San Diego lolitas?


Now why on earth would I take time out of my day to put up hate on the ladies of our lolita group? I’ve been in the group since 2008 and I haven’t disliked a single one of those girls! Even if I did, posting up anonymous hate on the internet is beneath me and It doesn’t accomplish anything at all :’(

I should really sort my clean laundry

nahhhhh I’ll do it Saturday before heading to COMIC-CON, well, the outside of it. Oh but I’ll be having so much fun with over 50+ girls ;) LOLITAS EVERYWHERE KSLDAJKLA;SJK;